Individual Counselling Psychotherapy Children Youth Adults Adolescents Etobicoke Toronto


Children, Youth, and Adults

Allows individuals the opportunity to receive one-on-one support in gaining greater insight and achieving their goals in a non-judgemental and confidential atmosphere. Talk Therapy, Expressive Arts, and Play Therapy options available.



Provides an objective listener to aid couples in overcoming relationship difficulties, enhancing communication, and building cohesiveness.

Couples Marital Counselling Psychotherapy Therapy Etobicoke Toronto
Family Therapy Counselling Psychotherapy Children Youth Adults Adolescents Etobicoke Toronto


Allows families of any constellation to come together and work towards common goals, such as better relationships and overall functioning within the family.  This service can include parent support. 



Allows for support from a group of peers with similar concerns while developing new skills and insights. Common group topics surround emotion regulation and healthy relationships. Groups run periodically based on interest and availability. 

* Separate groups for adolescents and adults.

Upcoming Groups

Stress Management Group 

This therapy treatment program is aimed to address and reduce the mental and physical effects of stress in the lives of individuals. Stress can stem from many areas in life and affects people in different ways. The following group will use a combination of psychoeducation and creative experientials to allow participants to learn the real effects that stress has on their lives, for better and for worse, and to learn and develop more effective ways of managing stress.

Group Therapy Counselling Psychotherapy Children Youth Adults Adolescents Family parent Etobicoke Toronto


 Anger Management Group

Struggling with your anger? Anger is a natural emotion; which for many of us, is the easiest to express. In some ways it can be productive, e.g. to signal to us that something is off in our environment; however, when we are unable to control it, it can end up having a negative effect on our school/work, relationships, and well-being. This group will aid participants in gaining greater understanding of what drives their anger, and further develop their communication and coping skills to enable them better manage their anger in healthy ways.

Family parent Adolescent teen counselling therapy psychotherapy adult child etobicoke toronto walk-in


Coming Soon! In collaboration with the other counsellors of the clinic, I am currently in the process of developing a mental health walk-in, which will allow individuals, couples, or families, to drop in on a specified day of the week and obtain a counselling session without an appointment. Information about other service options can also be provided at this time. 



To allow for greater ease of service and/or to accommodate clients in other areas, individual,  couple and family sessions can be offered via video chat. Coming Soon! 


Group Therapy Counselling Psychotherapy Children Youth Adults Adolescents Family parent Etobicoke Toronto

For Individual, couple or family therapy sessions the fee for service is generally $100 per therapy hour. In cases of financial need sliding scale options may be negotiated. Groups are generally $50/week. 

I accept cash, e-transfer, or credit card.